Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I'm enjoying a quiet Christmas Eve at home. I'm a little sad because Michael has to work but hopefully he'll be home soon. I've been sitting here reminiscing last Christmas. As a newly engaged gal, I spent Christmas overseas with Dad and Bryan. Although I missed Michael, Kosovo, Italy, and Switzerland were awesome. Think I'll make a smilebox to share some pictures.

Last night we went to my moms and exchanged gifts. For those of you who will see mom, check out the big rock on her'll be jealous!
Tomorrow we are gonna have a full day between going to his parents and mine. I'm excited. Which reminds me, I need to run to Kroger's and Walgreen's to get a few last minute baking ingredients and a gift bag. If I don't see you today or tomorrow.....

Merry Christmas!!!!!
(hope to see you soon Dad!)

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Anonymous said...

Best blog ever, by the best wife ever!

Love you,

Rachel said...

Aren't you a faithful blogger, blogging on Christmas Eve. :) I love the Smilebox.
Looking forward to seeing you tommorrow!