Saturday, December 27, 2008

Summing Up My Friday

Yesterday I decided to stay around the house. I did a little cleaning and a lot of relaxing! It’s times like these that being a school teacher really pays off. I’m even having a hard time keeping up with what day of the week it is, I’M LOVING IT! Michael called at lunch and told me he’d really like to have Spicy Cheeseburger Soup for supper. As a new wife I was so excited! It was the first time he had ever requested a meal. So I got busy. In the mean time I happened to look in the mirror and had to laugh. I made the decision that I didn’t want to be an old ratty housewife that never fixes up for her husband. So I jumped in the shower, dried my hair straight and even put on makeup and my wedding rings. Now mind you I was still sporting my T-shirt and night pants but it was a huge improvement.

I finally heard Michael pull into the driveway. I met him at the door like I usually try to do. His first words to me were “I feel yucky!” Little did I know how yucky he felt. He laid down for about an hour and a half…and then it started. About every 15 minutes he was throwing up. It was absolutely horrible. A few years ago I had the privilege of staying with Papaw Kring as he was dying with colon cancer. Michael was sicker than I ever saw him. I ran to Kroger’s and bought popsicles and over the counter medication. I started getting worried. After about two hours of throwing up, I went out and met my mom who had some better meds and ran by Kroger’s again (good thing we live so close) to buy some Gatorade. His complexion really scared me when I got home. He looked like a dead man.

I’m not sure if Mom’s meds finally calmed his stomach down or if he ran out of stomach content but he finally fell into a restless sleep at about 2:30 AM.

I ended up eating soup alone. (I have a lot left in the frig, if anyone is interested). Sometime in between all his bad spells Michael noticed the makeup and hair. So it was worth it. After running out so many times I realized it turned out to be a good thing that I fixed up some. I would have hated to see someone I knew looking like I had.

Michael was suppose to work today. (He works every third Saturday and then is off on the following Monday). A friend of mine gave us Dolly Wood tickets, so the plan was to use them on Monday. I’m assuming he’ll have to work now since he’s not going in today. I guess we’ll go next Saturday.

It’s 7 AM now. I slept very little last night in the living room floor. I just gave Michael some medicine to lower his temperature. I want to make sure he keeps it down before I go back to sleep.

Oh, did a mention we are re-performing our Christmas Program at church tomorrow? This is the program that Michael sings a solo in….not sure whats gonna happen there.

Please say a prayer for my sick husband.
In other news my oldest younger sister text me at 5:15 AM on Christmas Morn to tell me she had got an engagement ring. Not to seem old or anything, but I clearly remember the day she was born. I was so excited to have a baby sister. For those of you who do not know Punky, She’s the life of the party. She definitely has added a lot of spice to our lives. Congrats, Sis!

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Peggy said...

Hey, Stephanie! I'm so happy for your new home "in the Lord". Nothing like it!!! And that love will continue to grow and grow!

Teresa said...

That smilebox is just too cute, Steph! Made this Aunt shed a tear or too. Saying a prayer for Michael, hope he's all better soon.
Love you,

Your Soon Too Be Lonely Mom said...

I'm glad I'm home for the day.... All my make-up is now in liquid form, running down my face!!!! You really should'nt make your Mother cry!!!! The smilebox is so cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome memories. Dad shed a bucket of tears or two and still is. I am proud of you Steph and Michael......... oh and Punky and Kiah. But none of us would be complete today without your wonderful Mom. Love you all, Dad.