Friday, December 26, 2008


the sound of Christmas whizzing by in a blur yesterday….the children unsuccessfully trying to leash on--to be taken away….cameras snapping in haste trying to fully capture the moments…laughter in excitement of a new toy, frame, gadget…tummies rumbling as pleasant scents drift from the kitchen…hugs exchanged after the perfect day…

up the road stands a worn trailer. She’s probably sitting in it. She can’t help the lawn appears
like a junk yard. It’s not her fault tin is falling off her home. She’s not to blame for the Disney towels that are hung over the windows as curtains. She is only a child…Did she hear the whoosh yesterday?

last year I made certain some of the laughter fell her way. This year….busy, selfish, procrastinating? Not even a qualifying excuse. If only I could go back a few days…I could make it right…Time can be harsh.

Did you show the love of Christ this season?

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