Monday, December 22, 2008

Ten Reasons Why I Heart Christmas

I love, love Christmas. I’m almost a fanatic about it. Here is why…..

#1—The Music. There is something about the beat and excitement in it. The day after Thanksgiving I start listening to Christmas music nonstop. …in the house, in my classroom, in the car….everywhere! Last year at a conference in Gatlinburg I won the “name that Christmas tune game”. It was great!

#2—The Food. I like food, and it tastes especially good at Christmas.

#3—Giving gifts. Seriously! I know a lot of ways Christmas is over- commercialized but you can give gifts without going overboard. We set a per person budget, and only bought for close family. We don’t get to do much for the people we love throughout the year so at Christmas its extra special picking out things I think they’ll like.

#4—Getting Gifts. I’d be lying if I tried being all modest and say it’s just about giving. Michael went shopping last night and I’m dying to shake my gifts under the tree. But I made a solemn oath that I wouldn’t so much as touch them (plus I think he has them booby-trapped).

#5—Christmas Break. Two weeks without my 20 lovely students….Need I say more?

#6—Memories. All the Christmas memories I have from growing up at home. From getting up at the crack of dawn to look at my gifts and then going back to bed before anyone else got up to the year we made sugar cookies complete with icing.

#7--Making new memories with my Hubby. Being married is great! I'll not soon forget our first Christmas together. Also it was around last Christmas when he proposed to me.

#8—Making Christmas Ornaments with my friend
Carly. This is a new thing we started this year but plan to keep doing. Don’t make fun, we made around $180.

#9—Spending time with my family, (even the flakes).

#10--The lights. Oh my word! I could stare at Christmas lights for hours!!!!

Why do you love Christmas?

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