Wednesday, March 30, 2011


A couple of weeks ago I was able to organize a baby shower for my friend through church. I had the best time getting it altogether.  I went with a cowboy theme.

My Center pieces were siiiiimple.  A mason jar, pinto beans, candle, and raffia.  Easy-peasy!

I used this table for one of the games.  My game prizes were the cookie-in-a-jar.  I used this recipe from bakerella.  They turned out really cute.  I wish I had took a close up.

My banner...made with my cricut...and advice from Carly    :)

I sweet-talked my mom into making the cake.  See the cow spots and rope...I was all over that!

A lantern in the middle of the food table.  Along with catus sticks (pretzels in white chocolated tinted green).  The lantern and bananda pails came from Hobby Lobby. 

Backdrop for the devotational and gift opening.

Another view of the cake, along with trail mix, and wagon wheels.

Vegetable Pizza.  Yummy, but no creative cowboy name.

Cheese dip

Cow Chips

For one game, three people drew a picture of baby on a wanted posted.  The mom to be judged the best picture. 

For a second game, everyone had two minutes to write down a boys name for each letter of the alphabet.  Since the parents aren't telling the name yet this worked out well.
Heres a copy of that game.

Also here's a copy of my food labels.  My formatting on word was a little off but I just went with it.  :)

Myself with the Mommy to be


Peggy said...

Very nice....and creative!!

Karen Crabtree said...

How sweet!!! You did a great job. The cake is so cute!!

Mandy's Memories said...

Stephanie, this is sooo cute! I love the theme and you did a fabulous job on everything girl :)