Friday, March 25, 2011

Ten things I've learned from teaching

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Ten Things I've learned from teaching

1. The best days you have at work are the days that you give it your all. You’ll be exhausted. And feel like you’ve single handily performed a three circus ring act…but your kids WILL respond.

2. There’ll be some days you don’t have it in you to give it your all.

3. If you know you are right, and looking out for the best interest of the child….Stand your ground. Against co-workers, parents, counselors, etc. Do whatever it takes.

4. It’s okay to laugh when you should really be wearing your stern teacher face. The kids will love you more for being weak.   : )

5. Know your limitations. Don’t feel guilty for leaving at 3:30 some days. The best teachers in the building aren’t always the ones who “live” there.

6. No matter how much your kids drive you up the wall and how often you complain, it’s not okay for others to talk down about your group!

7. Kids don’t learn from doing worksheet after worksheet after worksheet. Sure it’s a great way to assess and certain skills need repetitious practice, but so many skills aren’t mastered with pencil and paper.

8. Great fonts are not optional. I transferred all mine to my new laptop yesterday….1250. Yikes, I didn’t even realize it was that bad!

9. Show the office staff some love. Let’s just say I’m too scared of our secretary not to keep her on my side. (I would tell her that also…) It also helps to be in good with the book keeper and janitor…just saying!

10. While student teaching I had a list of things that I would never do and never say to a kid….I’ve done them all now….several times.

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JenniferL said...

I love #1- sometimes my fiance just doesn't understand why teaching the digraph oo has made me so tired that I have to go to bed at 9 o'clock!

#9- OMG! The MOST important thing when you start at a new school is to make friends with all the staff in the office. ESPECIALLY the secretary. We had a mean secretary the past two years that everyone was afraid of but she loved me. A thank you card and and $5 gift card to Sonic so she can get her afternoon Cherry Limeade go a LOOOOOOONG way.