Thursday, March 31, 2011


    My favorite April Fool's joke to play at school came from the Second Grade Teachers Club.  In the morning I announce that later in the day we'll be having a flood drill.  (The kids don't even ask questions at this point).  When it is time for the "drill" I tell the kids that we need to treat it seriously like all other drills.  They may not talk.  When I give the signal, they have to take off their socks and shoes, and climb onto their chair. Then I announce April Fools.  It's a hoot! 
     And of course there is always the Brownie joke.  Each kid will receive their own brown "e" cut from paper.   Nothing like humor that second graders appreciate.

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Peggy said...

I'd really be upset about the brown e if I was having a big chocolate craving. But second graders probably don't get such cravings :)
These are funny!