Monday, March 28, 2011

A Little Space Ditty

     To sing to know it.  We love songs in my class.  They make learning more fun and concrete.  All my kids can tell you the stages in water cycle which they memorized primary from a song.  And the great thing about singing in the classroom is that the kids think you are great.  :)  When I sang the water cycle song the first time, one of my kids promoted me to "Hollywood".  That's big stuff.   

    I've started a Space Unit for Science this week.  Somewhere I've came across this space song that I placed in my space file to be forgotten and ignored.  I decided to change that this year.  I made it into a 5"X7" class book.  But also made a class sheet to copy for my kids.  Not only will they be learning about the planets but also practicing reading fluency. 
You can click on the two images below to get the song.


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