Sunday, March 27, 2011

Moon Bag

    Our reading story this week at school is about the moon.  One of the state standards that I need to cover has to do with observing the moon nightly.  I knew when I saw this idea from the 1st grade parade  it would be perfect for my kids. 
   Each night a different kid will take home the moon bag.  I made two bags so two different kids will take home the bags each night and return them in the morning.  Each bag will have a moon log notebook (to record what the moon looks like that night), white crayons (for drawing the moon on black construction paper), and these two moon books:

to read with their parents. 

    Go and get Carroll's downloads for your moon log.  They're great!

     I knew I couldn't sew the moon on my bags as good as Carroll so I bought Iron on Transfers instead.  Here is my file that I used for my transfers.  Be sure to print it as a mirror image. 


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