Friday, August 2, 2013

Swimming with the Moizes


***Go down to check out Kendall's 6 Month Post.  I didn't post it until late yesterday.  I also created a new tab at the top of the blog for her monthly posts.***

      Back in June, we were thrilled to be able to spend time with our friends the Moizes.  They don't live in our area but have family that do.  So they stayed with family and the kids attended our Vacation Bible School.  We planned a big swimming trip at my moms and thankfully the weather turned out good on Friday and we got to go.  We had so much fun, and Kendall loves the Moize kids...especially Tucker :).  
Kendall and Carley

Wendell enjoyed having kids around that would let him throw them in the pool.  It was a little breath taking to watch to say the least.  : /

Aubrey, Me, Kendall, Carley, and Tucker

    After swimming, my papaw stopped by (the cutest Papaw in the whole world!)   He wanted to give the kids a half dollar.  So we ran out to his house.  Here they are sorting through them to find a year that is significant to their lives (mom's birthday, wedding, etc.)

    Told you he was cute.  :)

    We were sad Michael ended up sick and we didn't get to see them at Camping Meeting in July but we are already looking forward to next year :).  

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