Monday, August 12, 2013

Quick Pics

     It's time for my cell phone pics from last week.  Just 3 but they are good ones.  :)

    Kendall having playtime in the floor.  She's still not a crawler but can get to any toy she wants!

    This is for all you bow-haters.  Stop at Walgreens on the way to church and this is how I found her. 

    And because the bows aren't bad enough...who's gonna nominate me for Mother of the Year Award?


Debbie said...

You know I am a bow lover!!! But she is soooo adorable when she tries to find and remove them!!! I love nothing more than getting to spend time playing with and loving this little doll!!! She is sooo precious to me!!! Give her lots if hugs and kisses from Meme!!!

The Skinny on Staci said...

Is she enjoying her links? :) My kids were late crawlers - 10 months old! Then they walked at 13 months or less. We were at a church meeting a couple months back. Some poor little girl had a headband right over her eyeballs. The grandmother, who was holding her, never did notice. Someone finally told her. LOL My girls used to arrive at destinations with them over their eyes. I finally just stopped putting them on until we got somewhere! Haha I don't think I really even have a comment for that last photo. LOL