Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Kendall's Birth Story Part 2

 Part one of Kendall's Birth Story can be found here....

     Not 15 minutes after having my water broke, the contractions came. Boy did they come! I knew all along I wanted an epidural. And it couldn’t come fast enough but the anesthesiologist was in another patient’s room. I only had to wait  45 minutes but it felt like hours. Sometime during this point I lost my calm, cool, collective, and nice demeanor. I was scared to death I would continue dilating quickly and they wouldn’t let me get the epidural. It was all I could think of.  No, I wasn't screaming bloody murder.  I was just being less than polite to my nurse.  :(
      It was a relief to me that the doctor I had seen during my whole pregnancy was going to be able to deliver Kendall.  This is Dr. Cottom holding Kendall.  

    During this time a nurse from Children's Hospital came in to talk to me.  She was explaining that since the baby was 4 weeks early she was there to evaluate it.  There was a chance they would have to take her to Children's Hospital.  She was super nice but I couldn't concentrate on what she was saying.  She decided to come back later. 

   The nurse from Children's Hospital checking Kendall out.  So thankful for a healthy delivery and baby.  Apgar scores of 8 and 9, at one minute and five minutes. 
    Finally at 9:15am the anesthesiologist arrived. As he began the process of starting the epidural, Michael and my nurse were in front of me while I set on the edge of the bed bent over. I don’t remember the epidural hurting at all. I was just relieved to be getting one. Half way through the process, Michael let go of my hand and walked off. I was a little perturbed by this. I even asked where he was going.  Poor guy....he was about to pass out. He had been watching the doctor insert the needle into my back, over and over again. He just knew it had to be killing me. He decided to go kneel down in a corner as opposed to passing out in the floor. An orange juice later, he was good to go.

      At 9:40am I was checked again and was dilated to 8.

     Once the epidural took effect, I got super sleepy. Our families were coming in at this point but all that is a haze to me. I was pretty much out of it! I drifted in and out of sleep for a few hours.  
 Yuck Hair!


    They checked me again at 11:50 am and I was dilated to 9.  This woke me up to the reality that I was about to have a baby!   And I had one thing on my mind. I was panicked that I hadn’t fixed my hair or put on makeup. I know that’s pretty vain but there were gonna be lots of pictures taken. I wanted to be able to cherish them. Punky helped me put on makeup. There wasn’t time to do much to my hair. I'm still a little sad that my hair looks major yuck in all of our pictures but what's a girl to do?  

    Shortly after that, my room was flooded with nurses and my family was pushed out and into the waiting room.   

At 12:05, I started pushing....

 As I said before I was relieved that my normal ob was there to deliver Kendall but anyone who has had a baby knows how little of the delivery the doctor is there for.  I loved my sweet nurse Carrie. 

...and at 12:59 my sweet Kendall was born.  

                                Proud Daddy delivering the news.

So blessed!      


The Skinny on Staci said...

Your hair looks awesome for just having had a baby. I was always some oiling looking mess with spiked bangs. I didn't get the epi with 2 of mine and I had bangs back then. I remember feeling like my eyeballs were going to invert during pushing and I kept my hands in my bangs and hair, ending with a spiked sort of punk rocker look. :) You were gorgeous, dahling.

Peggy said...

Very precious, Stephanie!! SO happy for you and your family!!!

Karen Crabtree said...

So happy for you & Michael!!