Friday, March 15, 2013

Harriman Baptist Tabernacle Baby Shower

My last shower was at my home church.  I love my church and church family!  
My friends, Jen, Jec, and Mrs. Reid worked hard on this shower.  The theme was precious moments.   

Jec gave the devotional. 

We played 2 shower games.  For the first game there were 2 teams of three people.  They were given alphabet blocks and had to see how many words they could make using those letters. 

The second game was baby themed charades.  

I have been giving them looks like this for years.....

Not sure why I hang out with this crew  :)

Once again Kendall was ridiculously spoiled! I don't know how people make it without their church families. 

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The Skinny on Staci said...

LOL, those were great pics! Now we all know "the look" you probably give Michael from time to time! haha Baby showers are the best! Loved all of mine. Okay, now back to pictures of Kendall girl, please. It's been a week! Me and my girls are having withdrawals! :)