Monday, March 25, 2013

Baby Dedication

  Sunday night at church, we had a baby dedication for Kendall.  We are so thankful to God for giving us Kendall and we want to do our best to raise her in a godly home, teach her about God, and essentially give her back to him for his use.  

Our sweet pastor praying over baby Kendall.  

My cousin was being baptized in the same service, so it worked out for my mom to be there for both.  

Our little family of 3. 

My papaw

   Aunt Punky and Kendall.  Kiah is really sick with Strep Throat so she wasn't able to come.  :(

This has nothing to do with Kendall or the dedication but I've been best friends with these girls since I was 12.  And I thought it was a good picture.  :)

My aunt Teresa and Uncle Charlie with Kendall...he was a little worried about stealing her thunder...:) I think it worked out ok.

Us with our Pastor and his wife. 

    Michael and I bought  Kendall a bible.  I had purposed to take some pictures of her with it but ran out of time.  In it I wrote her a message saying that my prayer for her was Psalm 42:1.

As the hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O God.

    It's scary being entrusted with this huge responsibility.   I have no idea how to raise her to love the Lord.  I pray consistently for wisdom.   I know that if she is panting after him, everything else with fall into place. 


The Skinny on Staci said...

That bottom pic is so, so precious. Just be Godly examples in front of her, love her, and pray for her, and she will follow in your footsteps. She is such a precious little gift.

Tori said...

Aww, that was precious. It seems like yesterday we were dedicating our little ones now we're sending them off to college. The time passes so quickly, enjoy it all!

Peggy said...

All very precious, Stephanie. I've no doubt she will be raised to love and serve the Lord. Just never let up~

Anonymous said...

Love all of these! :0) I like how Kendall is looking up at Teresa too. So cute!

Anonymous said...


I cried when I read your post!! You and Michael are such godly examples for young people!! Kendall has 2 great examples!! You have a beautiful little family of 3! So pruod and happy for ya'll!! Shayla