Friday, March 8, 2013

Kendall's Birth Story Part 1

    The past 5 weeks have been life changing. I honestly can’t imagine life without my little Kendall now. This will be a long post but I want to record all the details of her “birth” day while they are still fresh on my mind.   I know most people could care less, but it's important to me. Since it is so long I am going to divide it into two parts. 
      Monday (1/28) I had worked like any other normal day. By the end of it I was tired! I had put off going to the grocery store for days. It was to the point we were out of everything and sick of eating out! I pulled into Kroger parking lot and had to give myself a pep talk to even go in. It was a miserable trip. By the end I was hurting with a ton of pressure. And of course I chose the checkout line with the most annoying customer ahead of me. I was thankful for a buggy to lean over. I absolutely hate when people are extra dramatic just for attention but I must have been a sight because the bag girl offered several times to help me with my groceries to the car. I didn’t think too much about all the pressure I was feeling. With your first baby you don’t know what is normal. I just assumed this would be my new normal for the next 4+ weeks.

      On Tuesday I had an appointment with my OB. When they took my vitals, they found my blood pressure was really high. My doctor told me to start having the school nurse check it twice a day and if it was high to call her office. I went on to tell her about the pressure I was feeling. She assured me it was normal. As she listened to the baby’s heart beat, she chuckled and said that Kendall was still really high and that in regards to pressure I wasn’t feeling anything yet. When she dropped I would really be feeling pressure. She quickly changed her mind when she checked me. I was dilated to 5 and thinned out at 35 weeks and 5 days. She laughed and said I just have a really big baby for her to be so high and so low at the same time. She went on to tell me that I couldn’t go back to work. The baby would most likely be here within the week and possibly that same night. She couldn’t believe I wasn’t having really strong contractions at that point.

      The next morning I got up and went to school to drop off my grade book and some text books. I also wanted to tell my kids what was going on. Before I left I had the school nurse check my blood pressure again. It was even higher than the day before. 
     Once I got home I called my Ob who wanted me to come into the office. Kiah rode up with me. My blood pressure had come down a little but was still high. I was still dilated to 5. She decided to admit me to the hospital overnight for observation. She said most likely she’d let me be discharged the next day and go home on bed rest. I never realized how miserable a night in the hospital can be. It was a long long night. Anytime I moved the nurse came running in to adjust the baby’s monitor. At one point my blood pressure was so high I had to lie on my left side for awhile. 

     The next morning my ob came in at 8:30. My blood pressure had been all over the place the night before. I was dilated to 7 and still not having contractions. She was afraid to let me go home, especially since I wasn’t having contractions. She said I would be one who ended up having a baby in the car. She decided to go ahead and break my water and start the process of inducing me. Michael started calling our families to get to the hospital. It was pretty comical because both of our families were worried about making to the hospital in time. I got a text from Punky that said, “Mom is bawling her eyes out. Dad is in the shower singing. And Kiah is yelling for him to get out because she needs a shower. “  


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The Skinny on Staci said...

ROFLOL at the last part. Well you know that Nosy Rose here cares about all the details. haha I was also dilated to 5 cm the first time I was checked with baby #1. I *thought* I was having contractions, but only because I felt some tightening. I never had pain. I'm gonna love this series! :)