Saturday, July 30, 2011


Well bible school has come and gone for this year. 

I love working and helping out at our bible school.  I was actually saved at a bible school so it's extra special to me!

    Our theme this year was "Discovering God's Word" so we went with detectives.  We don't buy a curriculum and decorations.  We have to come up with all our own ideas and go from there.   It's a lot more work but it's also a lot of fun and special.

The first four pictures were from the auditorium.  It's kind of hard to decorate in there.  The boxes are empty and just wrapped in colorful bulletin board paper.  Easy Decoration!

The doors are kind of hard to see.  They said "Mission Headquarters, Special Agents Only".  They also had questions marks and magnifying glasses.

Who dunnit?   Bible trivia....

    I have some cute pictures of the kids but can't post them since I don't have parental permission.  It was a fun week.  I really embarrassed myself helping in the skits two nights.  But it was all for the kids ;). 

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Anonymous said...

Stephanie, you all done a wonderful job as always, especially on the skit!!!