Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vacation Time!

I didn't think it would ever get here!  I've been waiting for this vacation since March when I started those last three months of the hardest school year ever!  I couldn't wait to get away and spend some time with Michael.

So far we are having a terrific time.  We left out Monday and drove to Biltmore.  

   The theme of this trip thus far has been that we are wonderfully old people trapped in young bodies. Since we walked through the Vanderbilt's house last time with the audio tour, we decided to splurge this time and do a guided tour.  The first second that our fellow tourees weren't looking we cracked up.  We were by far the spring chickens on the tour. Everything we do we'll look around and realize that we are the only non-senior citizens around.  We have old taste :)  But I'm ok with that. Btw the tour was fantastic!  They take you to parts of the house that you don't usually get to see.  And the guide was very knowledgeable.  We plan to regroup with the seniors next time we go :).

We saw some different gardens and fountains that we missed last time. 
I'm including our self portrait even though it's not that great.  We took it early in the day before I had sweated out all the sweat in my body and discovered sweat glands I didn't know I had.  To put it mildly it was HOT!

My hair is cracking me up in this picture.  It was slicked back in a tight pony tail all day due to the suffocating heat.  I took it down for this one picture.  This girl's got volume! 

That's one of vacation over.  We did have a nice supper out and then crashed from the exhaustion of the heated day. I woke up the next day with sore calves from all the uphill walking. 

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