Saturday, July 16, 2011

Beach Summary

 Sadly the beach is becoming but a memory.  Summer is slipping from my grip.  :(  I love my job but I also appreciate my summer.  Here's the rest of the pictures from our trip:

 This little guy was a little close to my feet for comfort.  

  On Wednesday Afternoon we took a guided tour on the Crystal Coast Lady.

 These are wild horses that live on Carrot Island.

 We also went back to Fort Macon.  It was interesting to learn how the fort was captured by the union during the War between the States.   The union used it as a prison.  It was later turned into a state park until War World II.  Then it was essential in keeping Japanese submarines away from the coast.  Pretty interesting to see the different uniforms wore by the soldiers.

You can also see where a cannon ball grazed these steps.

After enjoying our short week away it's back to laundry and a ridiculous amount of blogs to catch up on! 

I have 4 weeks until I have kids to teach, and about 2 days that I don't have anything scheduled for.  Busy Times~

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