Tuesday, May 27, 2014


      Baby Jones is officially 18 weeks old. This pregnancy is flying by!  We are nearing the half way point, and will find out the gender in 16 days.  I'm so ready to know! 

    Realizing we are close to half way,  I feel the pressure.   I still have soooooo much to do before this baby gets here!   So today I'm sharing my before-baby-gets-here-to-do-list.  Several of the things on my list are fun little "I wanna do" things, but totally not necessary. 

    June and July are gonna be super busy months especially at church. We'll have youth revival,  I'll be helping some with VBS (although I'm not teaching so that'll help free up some time), we hope to go camping sometime (but haven't scheduled anything), and I'm directing a little play at church this summer.  After July though things should slow way down and hopefully I'll accomplish my list. 

     So if you are a little bored today and are wanting a little something to read, without further ado, here's the list:


  1.       Change spare room into Kendall’s room
--this one is huge!  I should rename our spare room to the dump room!   I started cleaning out closets a few weeks ago and took 6 garbage bags of clothes and stuff to Goodwill.  That was a good start but there's still a lot of random stuff(2 printers, filing cabinet, CD's, etc.) in there that we use that will have to be moved somewhere else.  And some furniture that we'll have to get rid of.  Then it'll have to be painted, and Kendall's stuff moved in.  
2.      Update Nursery--We will just have to switch out a few little things.  

3.       To Buy--there shouldn't be too much to buy.  I have saved EVERYTHING from Kendall and all of our big baby stuff was gender neutral!
a.       Crib--Kendall is not ready for a big girl bed yet!
b.      Sound machine
c.       Extra Camera for monitor--I can't imagine not being able to see Kendall at night!
d.      Humidifier
e.      If it’s a boy
                             i.      Clothes
                             ii.      Bibs
                             iii.      Burp Clothes
                             iv.      Blankets
f.         Double Stroller

4.        Wash New Born clothes

5.       Stock up on
a.       Diapers
b.      Wipes
c.        Laundry Detergent--I like to use the over-priced baby detergent while they are still little!  

6.        Pre-Register at Hospital--Didn't happen with Kendall since she was a little early.  Hopefully, it'll get done this time.

7.       Bassinet Banner

8.       Burlap Sign

9.       Pick Baby Name--I want to start calling this baby something other than this baby!

10.   Thank You Cards

11.   Must have hospital pictures--I hope to have a list of pictures I want taken, so I don't forget :).

12.   Read Photography Book--To up my skills with the new camera :)

13.   Hospital Favor--For Kendall I had made Candy Bars with a cute wrapper in lieu of cigars.  Not necessary, but I hope to make something for this baby also.

14.   Baby Announcement--These can't be totally made, but I can have a start on them.

15.   Pack my hospital bag

16.   Pack baby bag for hospital
a.       Coming Home Outfit

17.   Pack Kendall’s Bag

18.   Get Baby Items out of Storage and clean
a.       Swing
b.      Bassinet
c.       Car seat
d.      Bottles
e.      Swaddles

19.    Check Batteries
20.    Install Car Seat

21.   Prepare Freezer Meals

22.   Deep Clean House

23.   Register with Pediatrician Office

24.   Buy some maternity clothes--hope to get this done sooner than later :).  For Kendall I needed Winter clothes, this time I need Summer clothes.  

25.   Scripture List for Delievery

26.   Kendall something special for hospital

27.   Order new Nursing Cover

28.   Order Carseat cover

29.   Order Hospital gown--I had a cute little gown I wore after I had Kendall.  I'd like one more.  Not necessary, just cute for pictures.  (Did you all realize I'm this shallow?)

30.  Nurse Gifts--A small thank you for excellent care.  :)

Any suggestions on what I'm forgetting?



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Staci Moize said...

Aubree went into a toddler bed at 18 months. They do better than you think! I guess she's a bit young right now, though. By the time baby #2 gets here, she'll be great and you can have the crib back. Our laundry room is our junk room. Hate it. As far as laundry detergent, I just started using free and clear, no dyes or perfumes, in any brand. I loved being able to toss newborn clothes with toddler clothes. Life gets kinda crazy when you add a second, third, and fourth kid. LOL You'll get so much done before the time comes. I love that you are a list person. I am, too. :)