Thursday, April 3, 2014

Quick Updates

     I really do hate when I go awhile without blogging.  The days seem to be flying by me.

      I am 10 weeks pregnant.  And we are super excited.  I've had a relatively easy pregnancy so far, but I felt like I did with Kendall also.  It actually surprised me when my doctor mentioned me being high-risk. With Kendall I didn't have any problems until the last few days before I delivered.  So far I might have had 2 days where I felt nauseous to the point that I needed to lay down...other than that I've been super tired but that seems to be getting better.  Guess that means I need to start cleaning house again :), I'm gonna miss that excuse!  I had an ultrasound 2 Fridays ago, and everything looked pretty good.   The heart rate was 170 which makes me think girl again.  Then last Friday I saw my OB for my first official appointment.  Looks like around 32 weeks she's gonna make me start taking it pretty easy to help prevent early labor. I think not working outside the home will help with this. Also, I have to buy a blood pressure cuff and she's gonna start watching for signs of preeclampsia early on.   I love my OB and love that she's on top of everything!  She also mentioned my due date being close to Halloween, which I hate!  She laughed and said she'd thought we'd be doing good to make it until the beginning of October, when I'll be 36 weeks.  I'm just praying that if I deliver early again, that this baby will be big and healthy like Kendall was.  The hospital I deliver at doesn't have a NICU which means the baby would transferred without me, boo!  

    Kendall girl is as rotten as ever.  She is 14 months old.  She'll be almost 21 months when the new baby comes.  She's still not stubborn!  She has been a really sick girl since the end of last week.  I took her to her pediatrician on Monday and found out it was RSV.  :(  We've been doing breathing treatments and she hates them! We had a re-check at the doctor yesterday and her breathing sounds better so we can start weaning her off the breathing treatments.  
      She lost weight from refusing to eat.  Thankfully that seems to be picking back up.  This was the first morning that I felt like she ate as much as she was before RSV.   And last night was the best she slept in almost a week, so I might have accompanied her in sleeping in a little :). 

    Sorry for the post with no pics.   I hope to get my new camera out a lot this Spring.  I'm not as comfortable with it as I was my one one.  I need some practice.   


Staci Moize said...

Oh no! Sorry girlfriend has been sick. RSV is so nasty!!! :( Maybe now that she's feeling better, she'll be ready to get on those feet! Praying for a healthy pregnancy. :)

Dana said...

Glad to hear that she is doing better! Don't like it when the little ones are sick.

Rachel said...

Congratulations, Stephanie! Your kids will be almost the same age difference as Kyra and Elijah.They are about 22 months apart.

Tori Leslie said...

Wow, congratulations! Another blessing, how wonderful!