Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

I love Easter and celebrating the resurrection of our Lord!  We had a great time this year.

Saturday evening we dyed eggs.  Kendall is still a little little for this but we enjoyed it anyways. 
 I read online that using a whisk would help small kids.  Great idea but we needed bigger cups with more dye.  The dye wouldn't cover the egg this way so we resorted to the ole hands, and hoped they stain would wash off!

 This was my best attempt of Sunday Morning pictures.  This girl is one hard cookie to photograph. It wasn't helping that the neighbor's dog was out and barking!

We had a great church service.  We love our church. 
 Kendall and her friends 2014

 2013...she was so little last year!

After church we went to lunch at my mom's house.

 Our lil family 2014....

Our little family 2013...can't wait to add the new baby next year!

 Mom and Wendell

And our favorite little girl.  

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