Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My Favorite Baby Items (Newborn to 3 Months)

     Before having Kendall, I loved reading about other mom's favorite baby items.  It really helped with creating registries and spending gift cards.  So today I'm going to share my favorite baby items thus far.  In no particular order of course :)

1.  Boppy Waterproof Liners for Changing Pad Cover--These guys have been a great investment for us!  Although, I don't know that they'd have to be Boppy brand, that's just what we have.   I've said before on here that our little girl prefers to pee without her diaper on.  These bad boys catch said pee so I don't have to wash the changing pad cover 10 times a day.  They work better than the receiving blankets that we had been using because they are waterproof!  We have the 3 pack.  I will probably pick up another pack of these at some point.

2.  Purex Crystals--This was a splurge for me.  These crystals are made to be added to your baby washing detergent.  As far as I know the only benefit is the smell.  It makes Kendall's laundry smell so precious.  Sometimes splurges are worth it. 

3.  Swaddle Blankets--I stink horribly bad at swaddling with a regular blanket.  A friend gave me a swaddling blanket.  It makes it so easy.  We notice a huge difference in Kendall's sleeping when she is not swaddled.  She is a busy baby, even in her sleep.  She wakes herself up.  This cuts down on that.  I have bought 3 more of these.  Well worth it!

Side note:  When Kendall isn't really tired she enjoys playing Houdini baby and tries to break's too cute!  Oh, and I love the hand under the chin pose. 

4.  Bassinet--I still want my baby close at night.  This is very similar to the one we have.  Love the flashing lights and music on the mobile. 

5. Wubanub--This was a gift at a baby shower.  Love this little guy.  Kendall isn't a huge paci-sucker.  But it does help to calm her down at times.  She is starting to notice the bear now and hangs on to him.  If her paci falls out, she tries to get it back in her mouth using the bear.  She can't do it yet, but it's cute to watch.  

  I still loved this before she noticed the bear for two reasons...#1--it makes it harder to lose.  #2--It kind of works to prop the paci into her mouth and hold it there. 

6.  Our swing--pretty self-explanatory...I do like this smaller swing because I can move it easily and even sit it up on the island while I cook supper so Kendall can watch.   The only negative is that it is battery only operated.  But we are still running on our first set of batteries. 

7.  Cozy Cover--This is so easy to put on and off of the car seat.  Loves that it keeps my baby warm outside. 


8.  Breast Flow Bottle--I think this bottle has been a huge help in switching back and forth from bottle feeding and breast feeding.

9.  Zipper Sleepers--Makes nighttime diaper changes a breeze!

10.   Boppy Pillow--I didn't think I wanted a Boppy but a friend talked me into it.  It has helped so much with breast feeding and now I also use it to prop Kendall up so she can look around. 

Those are my favorite items for this stage!

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The Skinny on Staci said...

We used a travel swing with our 4. I bought it because with our first we lived in an upstairs/downstairs apartment. I was able to easily tote it wherever I wanted. Ours was battery operated, too, but each set lasted a good while. It made it through all 4 kiddos and then I sold it in a yard sale for like $5 even though it was a tad crooked by then. LOL Thanks for including a pic of Kendall! :) You probably did that just cause you knew I would fuss at you. Haha