Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Kendall is 3 Months Old!

    Kendall Paige, You are three months old! 

    Your personality has really shone through this month.  You smile so much now.   And you are one relaxed, calm chick!

     We finally have our scheduled worked out.  Momma is loving her some BabyWise!  You are on a three hour schedule.  As soon as you wake up you eat and  have 1 1/2 hour of wake time, followed by 1 1/2 hour nap.  You wake up anywhere from 5:30 to 7:30AM and go to bed for the night anywhere between 8PM and 9:30PM.  Our goal is to get that more consistent this next month.   

    Speaking of eating, you are a nursing pro.  It was so worth the two months it took us to get here.  Momma still gives you a few ounces of formula from a bottle each night but in all reality could probably cut that out.  

    Laying you down for naps has gotten so much easier.  You still love to be swaddled.  We also have a new sound machine that helps.  You tend to wake up a little early from naps especially late in the afternoon.

   Your big accomplishment this month has been rolling over.  You did this at 9 weeks old.  Momma and you were both shocked the first time.  To be honest, momma thought it was an accident and wouldn't happen again.  The next day you showed her!  You were a rolling over maniac!  Now you only do it occasionally.  I guess you have to be in the right mood.  

   You are in size one diapers, but momma is thinking this may be our last box of those.  You have outgrown your 3 month clothes.  You can still wear a few things that are 3 to 6 months but you are mostly sporting 6 month clothes or larger!

   This past weekend we took you for 3 month pictures in a studio setting.  Momma is so excited to get those back.  

    I said last month that you were fussy in the afternoons.  Most of that has gone away!  Yay for you!

    You are growing so much!   I'm curious how long you will be at your 4 month appointment.  You have about outgrown the kitchen sink for baths and your bassinet for sleep.  Momma knows it's time for the bath tub and your crib...but she's dragging her feet on both!

    Tummy time has gotten better.  After weeks of doing short 5 minutes sessions several times a day, you will lay for around 15 minutes now.  Your feet are moving the whole time.  As soon as you figure out how to dig your toes in, we are in trouble!

   During your awake time we read books together, sing, talk, play with toys (although you are not doing a lot of playing yet), have tummy time, mat time, and just this week you have started using your jumperoo.  It has a higher back that supports your neck.   You can't totally reach the toys on it but you are eye balling them!

    You consistently have your hands in your mouth.  I'm worried you are gonna discover your thumb and think it's tasty.  You are also blowing a lot of spit bubbles now.

   Our days are spent staring at you and trying to make you laugh.  But there's nothing else we'd rather be doing! 

    Watch you grow!



The Skinny on Staci said...

Wow. She has changed a lot from 2-3 months!!! Neat to see the comparison pics! I love her hulk pose in pic 2. Haha Glad to read that bfing is going good now. Some babies just take way more time and effort. Kudos to you for being able to stick it out. It's tough, I know!!! Carley suggested today that we make part of our trip stopping to meet Kendall. Haha! Her daddy said we didn't have time for that. Boo hoo! :(

Karen Crabtree said...

Happy 3 months! So cute!