Thursday, February 17, 2011

Biltmore Bust

     Last weekend I was so excited!  It's been awhile since Michael and I have had a long day together alone doing something enjoyable.  Some sweet friends gave us Biltmore tickets.  Last Saturday was to be the day.  Friday night we decided to go by the hospital to see Granny and then drive to New Port so we wouldn't have so far to travel on Saturday morning.  Plans don't always work out...the horrible stomach virus hit me early Saturday morning.  So we came back home where I spent the day asleep and feeling yuck.   Michael had our tickets upgraded to season passes so I'm expecting another date day in the near future sans the bug.   


Mandy's Memories said...

I have missed your blog posts this week. The stomach bug hit me last Sat, ALL SUN night for 8 hours nonstop. I was sick all day Monday, stayed home from school Tuesday, had 6 kids out WEd and 8 out Thur, got sick again Thur night and my son was sick all last night. It is awful!!!! Hope you are felling better hun.

A.Jane said...

You will like Biltmore.I went with some friends from the bank a few years ago.We was there in December at night.One of the ladies fell & broke her ankle coming down from upstairs.It was so dark & I was thinking how embrassing it would be for me to hit the floor.She has had alot of trouble & surgerys on her ankle since then.It is a beautiful place.Be sure to check out the gift shops & bakery.Maybe someday will go back but hope it is daytime (: