Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lessons learned by a Second Grade Teacher after Ten days of an unexpected Blissful Break

1.  No matter how much  you like your job its never easy going back after a break.

2.  I'm awesome at staying at home....while staying at home I'm awesome at:
  • keeping a super clean house
  • cooking dinner
  • ironing
  • being a Christian
  • being in a great mood
  • completing projects
3. Second Graders do not mature much in 10 days.

4. Second Graders can forget a lot of math facts in 10 days.

5.  Second Graders can remember addition with carrying over the ten days, even if their teacher forgets that she already taught it to them and is ready to teach an introductory lesson on it.  Seriously?  My Teachers used to do that, and they were old!

6.  My class is still as exhausting as they were in August.  The maturing that miraculously happens over Christmas break...not so much this year!

7.  Staying cuddled up at home is not nearly as tiring as teaching!

8.  Copying and prep work doesn't do itself while the teachers enjoy the snow.

9.  Lesson plans can be transferred to the next week pretty effortlessly!

and last but not least...

10.  Second graders do not mature much in ten days.  (it's worth repeating!) 

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