Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I ♥ Snow Days!

I am currently enjoying my third snow day in a row. Since I'm assuming it'll be the last (for now) I'm planning on enjoying it! Actually I now believe that all snow days should come in at least threes! One day to be lazy, one day to clean and catch up on home duties, and one day for projects.  Hopefully I'll be completing some projects to share on my blog real soon.  So in the main time, while I'm off to craft and paint and cut, I'll leave you with some pictures from snow day 1 of lazy sledding.  



 Michael Love

Punk and Mom


Peggy said...

Who is Michael Love??
he he

Completely7 said...

This looks soooo fun.

Mandy's Memories said...

OMG< this looks like it was soooo much fun!