Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Trivia Time

On the first night of bible school, I asked the girls (I'm teaching the teens) some questions to spark their interest in the theme, "Creation". It really worked. One question really got them to thinking....searching the Internet...and asking me to tell them. I'm of course dragging it out and not telling them the answer till the last night. I have to get them to bible school somehow....I'd hate to be the loser teacher without any students.

So here's the stumping question...

What animal hops, carries it young in a pouch....and is green?

If you know the answer, comment. If you get it right you'll win...absolutely nothing but intrinsic pleasure. Can't wait to hear your guess!


Anonymous said...

A sick kangaroo?

Michael Jones

Anonymous said...

Or a camo oppossum?

Michael Jones

Teresa said...

Couldn't resist the challenge. Is it the Riobamba marsupial frog? :)