Sunday, July 12, 2009

The past 365 days

It's hard to believe that the Lord has already given Michael and me a year together. It has honestly been the best year of my life. There's nothing like the peace of knowing that you waited on the one that God would have you marry. We enjoyed a nice weekend away together. I'll post about that later when I have more time. This week I'll be driving to Athens everyday for preshool training. It's going to be a busy week.

The past year has been filled with
· Breath-taking views of Niagara falls
· walking around Canada
· Butterfly observatory
· Board patrol yelling at us (Michael, I’d hate to say it but I told you so)
· Hugs-n-kisses
· nightly prayer and devotions (one word…Apostable)
· a new job
· boat rides
· Styrofoam cutting
· walks down our road
· driving by possible houses
· touring possible houses
· church services
· laughing days
· sobbing nights
· death of a loved one
· illness of another loved one
· warnings for expired tags
· warnings for not paying parking fee
· a new niece
· a new tractor
· 18 tomato plants
· first meal at home: Pancake breakfast
· Many ruined meals….(whoops)
· Walks at the park
· tennis matches
· sleeping in Saturdays
· Dollywood at Christmas
· Fireworks on the fourth
· Adventure on the Ocoee
· Graduated Sister
· Ruined cell phones (who would have thought…2 in one week.)
· Barking at dogs
· Crowing at roosters
· Rooster catching neighbors
· Lawn-mower riding kids
· Craig’s list browsing
· Police at school
· Being mistaken for a “young driver”
· Car- reposing (not our's)
· Totally bombing a newly wed game
· singing in the choir
· singing in the car
· Hosting a Christmas party
· A companion to listen
· many MANY bowls of popcorn
· sweet texts
· changing tires (in the rain)

It has been good.


Teresa said...

Happy Anniversary, Steph & Michael. We love you!

wilhelmina jones said...

Happy 1st Anniversary, You both are so special and we love you. We are thankful for all the good times you have had together and sorry for all the difficult times you have been through this year. Wish we could be a part of your day to day "stories" but enjoy hearing when we can. Look forward to seeing you soon. Love, Michael's mom