Saturday, April 4, 2009

Evening at Mom's

We went up to see mom tonight. She is in so much breaks my heart. I hate seeing her like that. Please pray for her mouth to heal.

I took this morning picture out mom's front window. I really like it. I looked out to see Wendell and Michael having some serious bonding time....cute....cute! Seriously, My family likes him so much better than me. I don't blame them though.


Amber said...

I love pictures like this.

Praying for your mom. And you. And your family.

misty said...

The dog sitting looking at them is priceless, will be praying for Debbie and that the pain will start to improve, love you all! Misty

Punky=) said...

This is true, but we can't help it. He may have you beat, but I'm afraid Aaron is still winnin;)