Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Any one up for Vegas?

I know as Christians we don't believe in luck. But I'm really starting to feel lucky! I'm on a roll with winning things.

It started with Family night. Remember the egg dyeing? Before we began there was a PTO meeting. At every PTO meeting they have a drawing for a teacher and parent winner. Guess who was the teacher winner...Yep, a $25 walmart gift card.

Next came the teacher bobcat buck drawing. I won it last Friday. I haven't claimed my prize yet but I hear it's usually a gift card to a restaurant.

Now for the winning I'm most excited about! Actually I haven't won yet, but am in the top 10 now. A few weeks ago I was listening to talk radio (100.3) and heard the contest "A Mother's Day of a Lifetime" announced. So I went online and wrote a 100 word paragraph about why my mom is great. During church tonight I received a voicemail that out of over 200 entries, They were choosing 10 and my was one of the top ten. Monday these 10 entries will be posted online for people to vote for the best. They will narrow these to 3 and read these on the radio. They will pick the winner from these. So come Monday I'll be calling on all my BFF's, relatives, friends, co-workers, church members, and strangers to help us vote. If you know my mom, and the circumstances she's faced in the last month you will know she's very deserving. Oh the prizes...a teeth whitening (a $700 value), a five stone mothers day pendent and chain, three oil changes, 3 hours of legal assistance, five bottles of wine (mom is so not a drinker), the dress of her choice, a facial, manicure, pedicure, and massage.

One thing that may be a small problem....if she wins they will call her on Friday to speak on the radio. After surgery, her voice is really altered and she can be hard to understand. She may need a translator.

So tune in Monday....


Amber said...

How awesome!!!

I hope she wins! She certainly deserves it!!! :)

Karen Crabtree said...

You are such a sweet daughter. I am so very proud of you and the dedication you have given to your Mom.
You know we love you and are very blessed to have you as a friend. We voted!!
Karen & family