Monday, August 11, 2014

Bed Rest--Week 3

   We survived another week!  And I say "we" because it's not just something that's affecting me.  It's a whole family ordeal!
   It was a rough week emotionally and mentally, but I really think my silly goal list kept my mind busy enough that I didn't go crazy.
   We had a couple of friends from church cook for us this week, and my mother in law, so that was a blessing.

Last week I shared my goals for the week...

How did I do?
  • Read!--Accomplished.  I finished 5 books last week.
  •   2 Blog Post--Accomplished.  Here and Here.
  • TPT Unit--  This is the one goal I didn't finished.  I've been selling things on Teachers Pay Teachers for the last few years.  I'm not making a killing but it's easy money.  I wait until my earnings build up in paypal and use it to buy treats for my girls off Zulily that I'd normally not spend money on.  I have a few ideas in my head of units I'd like to add.  Maybe I'll accomplish it this week.

  • 2 Quiet Book Pages--Accomplished!  I surpassed this goal and finished 4 pages!

 The chicks hatch out of the eggs.  They can play in the grass below or under the mother hen's wing.  I'd love to add Psalm 91:4 to the mother hen page, but I'm not that crafty.  

 The barn page opens up to 5 finger puppets. 

 And Mr. Potato head.  I'll finish his corresponding page this week that will house his body parts. 
  • Play with Photoshop--Accomplished.  I worked through 4 or 5 online tutorials.  I'm gonna continue this goal.

  • Organize photography Pinterest Board--Accomplished
  •  Daily Bible Reading--Accomplished.  It's sad to admit but I was getting behind on my bible reading while on bed rest.  I caught up this week.

  • Daily Bible Study--I finished the bible study book I was working through this week.  I did miss a few days but I like to put this after my bible reading so I'm not too upset.  I have a study ready on Proverbs 31 that I'd like to start this week.  Hopefully it won't depressed me, because my life is far from the Proverbs 31 woman right now!

  • Nurses' Gifts-- Accomplished.  This was a pinterest idea.  Sweet little gifts for the nurses who'll take care of us at the hospital.  The original idea came from here, and I used her printable cards.  Super easy project for very little money.  My bags each include Mentos, Altoids, Hand Sanitizer, A mini composition book, and a pen.


I know my goals are lame and silly but they kept me occupied.  My list for this week:




The Skinny on Staci said...

Awesome quiet books! Bless your heart. I know bedrest has to get boring. Someone needs to come in and give you a pedicure or something! :)

Peggy said...

Such sweet things you do!