Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Bed Rest--Week 2

   This laying around thing isn't all it's cracked up to up to be!  Someone asked if Michael had actually heard the doctor say bed rest or if I had just came out saying that.   Hilarious! Sure a break is great but after so long, laying gets pretty boring.  Not to complain,  everyday with my baby tucked inside is a blessing!  Things are actually going surprisingly well.  I'm 28 weeks today.  I saw this chalkboard on another blog and loved it!

 Source   Our baby is still unnamed....ugh!  It's not Annalee :).

  Hitting 28 weeks is a blessing!  But at the same time, I am missing not being as productive.   I miss changing diapers and cooking supper.   I miss my daily to-do lists :).  So I decided to write down some goals for this week.  Nothing earth-shattering...I have to be laying down you know.  Just a few things to occupy my time and mind.

 Hopefully I'll be back next with an update of a completed list and a new list for week 3.  :)


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