Friday, July 4, 2014

Gender Reveal Party

    A few weeks back when we found out the baby's gender, my sister and mom hosted us a gender reveal party.  I am so glad they did!  It was so much fun and special to me!  Everyone says you do less with baby #2 which I'm sure is true.  This was something special for this baby that we didn't do with #1. 
    They had it at my house since theirs is so far off the beaten path!  Other than cleaning, all I did was make the invite and hang a few decorations they brought.  It was nice to be pampered :).  

I blurred out my sister's number for the world wide web.  You can thank me later, Punk!

 Lots and lots of yummy food!

 Praying for the food and our new little one.  

 Team guns...Everytime I see my father-in-law in this picture I crack up!  Too funny!

 Team Glitter

 It was pretty divided on boy and girl!  Michael found out at the ultrasound appointment.  I was still in the dark at this point.  I had thought girl the day before and was thinking boy on this day. 

 Popping the balloon to see lots of pink!

 So glad our friend Lauren came and took pictures.

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The Skinny on Staci said...

HOW cute. And I agree. Bro. Jones' pic is definitely cracking me up! I love him. I would've never dreamed he would have a sense of humor when I first met him years ago, but he does! Lol