Monday, July 14, 2014

An Appointment and Anniversary

    Wednesday, I went for my 24 week OB appointment.  I had an ultrasound scheduled to check on a situation they found during my 20 week ultrasound.  Thankfully, that little problem had fixed itself, but the ultrasound revealed another situation.  Oh, the joys of pregnancy in your 30's :).  Low story short, looks like baby #2 is gonna make an early appearance!  However 24 weeks is way too early!  So now I have to be in rest mode.  Thankfully, it's not full blown bed-rest, but I'm suppose to be off my feet 90% of the day.  
      I'm thankful I can still drive and sit but life is looking a lot different around the Jones' house!  My days are being spent with lots of couch time while Kendall plays around the living room.   I've already read 2 books, I have Kendall's preschool curriculum planned out, and I never thought I'd say this, but I'm a little tired of pinterest.  Ha!  Things could be a lot worse.  I'm glad my little girl likes to be on Momma's heals and doesn't really wonder around the house much.  I'll have another ultrasound at my 28 week appointment to reassess things.  I'm loving the extra ultrasounds :).  


7 years ago--about 9 months after we began dating

   Saturday, Michael and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary.  
I'm so thankful for our marriage and our time together.  I couldn't be happier with the spouse that God sent me!  Marriage can be joyful!  We had different plans but after my Dr appointment we decided to go to the Dixie Stampede which involves lots of sitting.   :)  Kendall went with us.  She loved it.  She stood almost the entire hour and a half with her eyes glued to the show.  I believe we have an animal lover on our not her mother's child!

So that's the update for our little family.  Lots of couch time and a year added together.  :)


Debbie said...

Where's the pictures? I miss my baby girl, need pictures!!!

Stephanie said...

How about..."great post, daughter. I love reading about your life." And there was a picture!

The Skinny on Staci said...


Tammy said...

Stephanie~ I've been thinking of you and praying for you a lot. I know this bed rest stuff is hard to deal with but this too shall pass and then you will have your sweet baby. Just think of how much you'll miss all this rest when the little one gets here. ;) (I was on bed rest the last couple of weeks before Emily was born--and after she got here I was wishing for a little more rest) lol God Bless you sweet friend.