Monday, February 3, 2014

Doctors and Diners

     We've had a busy busy day.   Kendall had her one year appointment this morning.  The appointment included yucky shots!  Poor girl.  She handled them like a trooper.  

    Her latest stats:
             Weight: 21lbs 8.5 oz (77%)
              Height: 29 1/2 inches (64%)
              Head Circumference: 18.8 inches (95%)

    After words, we dropped my rings off at the jewelry store and killed some time at the mall.  I felt sorry for my baby.  She was so tired and not her self.  But I was overdue on my ring inspections.  She was pretty much her normal happy self. 

   Tonight we went to the Grand Opening of Wendell's Diner.  Wendell is my step dad.  They've had a gas station/deli in Oakdale for over 10 years and just opened a diner in Midtown.  Great food!   
Punky, my sister, and long time employee Jonathan

 Kendall and Poppy, both sporting their Wendell's Diner T-shirts.  

 The whole family and fresh patted burgers :)

Wendell and his first customer.  Michael stopped for a biscuit on his way to work this morning.  I totally made them re-enact it this afternoon :)

If you live nearby you should go check them out!

     After our busy weekend, and busy Monday, I'm ready for a easy day of rest tomorrow!


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Staci Moize said...

Where is the diner at in Midtown? I hope it goes really good for them! I hated those 12, 15, and 18-month shots. Tucker is the only one who didn't get them. I am so glad you told about the reenactment because I was thinking SHE DRAGGED HERSELF AND KENDALL OUT IN THE COLD THAT EARLY TO TAKE A PICTURE??? SHE'S NUTS! Now I know you are nuts but smart - you didn't go out in the morning. LOL :)