Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sweet Sweet Baby

We had a nice weekend. Saturday, we went to a local fall festival. While we only stayed 15 minutes (it was pretty small) it was good family time :) I knew the lightening was gonna be horrible but I still had to get a picture of the girl to document it. I may take her back to this display one afternoon. 

That evening we went to Wendell's and my mom.  I had Michael stop at the barn on the way up for an impromtu photo session.  I got some of my favorite shots yet!  We also took most of her 8 months photos in mom's yard.  


Sunday, we had a good day at church, with rest at home in between services.  It was just my kind of weekend with my sweet sweet family. 



The Skinny on Staci said...

You absolutely scared when you said you knew the "lightening" was gonna be awful. I immediately was looking for dark clouds in the sky around her and questioned your sanity! LOL You seriously need to edit that to the correct word! Haha Now, since I can enjoy the pics knowing she wasn't about to get struck, LOVE the pics. She is soooo gorgeous!!!!!

Dana said...

Love all your posts from this past week!

Tiffany Ruppe said...

A new blogpost is always the best way to start my day :) and this one was perfect!! I've opened up my "Kendall app" on my phone about 5 times today already ;)