Thursday, October 24, 2013


    I'm feeling so much pressure to blog. On one hand, it's like the story of our life is gonna have a month-wide hole in it. One day, when we have silver hair (that is if I stop dying mine), we'll look back and wonder what we did the whole month of October 2013. Cause you know all old people sit around and read their old blog posts (just saying). And on the other hand, while we've been busy, there's not much blog-worthy.  

   So thus, you get a post with all the random thoughts churning in my head, and lots of commas that I probably don't need.  Oh and bullets, because they make smile!

  • We are in the middle of a Laundry Room redo.  We are updating it's look, and making it more practical with a little bit more storage.  Translation:  Paint and a Shelf.  I'll post pictures when we are done.  In true Jones' fashion, this week project, has already turned into two, and will take a few more.  Until it's done then my guest room looks like a storage building.  It's bad.    
  • Kendall is crawling all over the house.  But it's still an army crawl.  I'm not sure she'll get up on her knees.  I hear most genius babies skip that step (j/k).                                    
  • Kendall has learned what "no no" means.  Not that she always applies what she knows.  We are working on that.  This morning while I was working in the kitchen, she reached up to grab the cord to my mixer (which meant a sure knot on the ole noggin, when the mixer made contact) the first "no, no" she turned and crawled away.  I'm all about the small victories!  If only it was that easy every time!
  • We had our first family pictures taken Saturday.  Kendall was in a VERY serious mood.  Like, we're pretty sure she didn't smile ONE TIME!  But I'm still super excited to get them back.
  • A week from today, my baby will be 9 months old! Kind of makes my heart hurt.  Oh and she decided she was finished nursing.  :(  

  • I'm getting super busy with the Christmas Plays at church.  Yes, I said playS.  What was I thinking?  Which brings me to, if any of my real-life friends have extra phone books or newspapers lying around, I need them!  I have major paper mache projects I'm about to tackle.  I need lots of fake coal :).  
  • Kendall has started trying to pull up.  She can get on her knees by herself, but needs help to pull all the way up to her feet.
  • My shelf and growth chart are still not hung in the nursery....
  • Would you think I'm weird if I admitted I have lots of blog posts ready for December?  See, stick around...there's more coming.  
Have a great Thursday!



Debbie said...

Although I love reading the details of your lives.... Every great blogger knows the ticket to an exceptional blog post is to ALWAYS post a picture of one of the cutest baby girls in the world!!! Where's our pic????

The Skinny on Staci said...

I always imagine elderly people years from now in nursing homes listening to their old Taylor Swift CDs and playing Guess the Tattoo with tats on their wrinkly skin. LOL Sad but probably a reality.