Friday, October 7, 2011

Monthly Post

    I hate that this has become a once a month post blog.  I keep promising myself big promises only to let myself down...again....and again....and again.  
    I sat out my fall decor last night.  Nothing glamorous but it does make me happy.

The bathroom now has of today.  Michael's dad came up and helped with that project, and we're very thankful for that!  It still needs to be grouted.  

    And finally I leave you with our newest remodeling project....seriously! :)


Peggy said...


Staci said...

Ok, so now you can't potty OR eat in your home. ??? haha J/k. I love seeing all the remodeling! Our house needs some MAJOR cosmetic stuff, but if we were wise we would've done it *before* we had kids like you are doing. The 4 munchins have sucked us dry and we can't afford to do the remodeling. :( Bummer... but at least the kids give us a tax deductions. LOL. Sorry, I am just a comedian, I reckon. ;) I expect progress pics (hopefully there will be progress). Thanks for dropping by my blog some.