Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bell Buckle and Grout

Friday night, Michael and I drove to Murfreesboro and spent the night.  On Saturday morning we drove to the tiny town of Bell Buckle for their craft show.  I had been looking forward to this since the summer when a friend from work told me about it.  It didn't disappoint.

It was so packed out.  Thousands and thousands of people.  Lots of greasy food and great crafts...needless to say I loved it!

My two purchases...

On the home front it's Fall Break...I hear the angels singing every time I say that.  Michael has took off work too.  Although he's gonna be remodeling I expect we'll sneak some time in together.  

Oh and there's grout in the bathroom!  Doesn't it look good?


Jane H said...

Bell Buckle is a neat town,reminded me of Oliver Springs.I went with Wayne,Brenda & Lisa one year to the RC & Moon Pie Craft Fair there.We also enjoyed the shops there. Have a great fall break. Love you...Jane

Shay said...

Thanks for sharing your pics!!! It was so good to see ya'll last weekend!! I just starting blogging again. Hope you have a great week!!