Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer is FINALLY here!

     June 21st might be the official start of summer but as a teacher my summer began  on May 25th at 11:30 AM  when I wished my 18 lovelies a happy summer and watched them walk toward the buses. 
      Kiah graduated on the 21st.  I only took 200 pictures at her graduation, like any proud big sis would do. 

Notice momarazzi in the background...that was totally intentional with my mad photography skills.

She's either praising the Lord or throwing her decide....

It's neat having a sister that is 10 years and a day younger than you.

   Summer already has been pretty busy.  We've been to see Michael's family,  cooked a dinner for 15 people, and had a morning of math inservice.   I'm ready to slow down and have a few lazy days.  And read a few good books.  Oh and plan our official family (of 2) vacation.  :)


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Debbie said...

I'm getting soooo fat!!!!!