Saturday, June 11, 2011

The great bathroom remodel of 2011

Alternatively titled:  The great remodel of the smallest bathroom in the world!

So when we bought the house the extra bath looked a little like this:  actually it looked a whole lot like this:

Nice white accessories...and don't be too jealous but the green crusty toilet brush came with the deal!   Oh yeah,   and it was rockin this boarder:
Stephanie, you might say, you didn't take any other angles of the bathroom?  Not even a picture of the vanity?  Well there's two explanations for that....the crusty toilet brush was the most impressive thing in there...and it is seriously the smallest bathroom in the world (other than trains, and port-a-potties but those don't come with showers).  It is really hard to take pictures in there.  I seriously have to stand out in the hall to get it in focus.  

Before moving it we made it more liveable. The crusty brush was history.  The towel rack?  Gone!  A new shower curtain....some happy yellow paint and it began to look more like this:

  Liveable...yes!  Fabulous?  No!

Pictures from today you want? problem....
 Notice the 80's lighting....and the lovely sink....Want a closer look at the awesome stick-on tile floor?  Sure thing:

Why isn't the vanity drawer closed? Because Michael had already taken it out to begin today's projects...but I needed fresh pictures.

So today began the great bathroom remodel of 2011.  On the agenda?
  • new paint
  • tile floors
  • new vanity
  • new mirror
  • new accessories
  • new lighting

So as of this afternoon, should you come for tea and need to tinkle...this awaits you:

I'm excited to be adding blog updates with bathroom updates.  A few more notes to consider:
  • It's totally awesome to have a toilet sitting on the back deck...I hope the neighbor appreciates it.
  • Anytime I mention the words "us" and "remodel" in the same sentence I'm totally referring to Michael in the singular form.  Although I did sweep the floor about ten times today!


Mandy's Memories said...

Stephanie! It looks great!!! Good luck on this one,you have great decorating skills :)

Joy said...

It will be terrific!! We gutted our bathroom when we bought our house. Thankfully, we hadn't moved in yet, but it was a very crazy mess. Try not to stress out about it! I can't wait to see the finished product!