Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Teacher Week: Gotta Have Them

I'm back for day two of Teacher Week with Babbling Abby.   Today's Subject...Must haves for the classroom.....

1.  Sticky's no secret that blue holds the best!  :)  And why do my kids always want it if they see me taking it off something?  No way!  It's going back to the big ball in my desk to be reused soon!
 2.  Velcro dots!  I use them all the time.  For centers, discipline charts, bulletin boards, games....

3.  Ziplock bags.  I'm really not sure what all I use them for.  I just know I use a lot.

4.  Clorox wipes.  We use these all the time!  We don't want to be sick.

5.  Clip boards for group work.
6.  Fonts!  Abby mentioned this one.  I am completely font crazy.  I easily have 700 on my computer.  I really went overboard last year during writers workshop.  I would find a special font for each kids story.  I have everything from snails to balloons to frogs.  They are very addictive.

7.  DJ Inkers Clip Art.  I have recently got really into this beauties.  One day I'm going to break down and buy a CD from I'm just using a few cheap files downloaded from her site.  So far I've put them on every note I've sent home.  Who can resist these....
8.  Glue Gun...I know some administration people (well one person) reads my blog so I won't mention all the uses of hot glue in a classroom....they are probably considered illegal.

9.  Pictures of Family....I love on a bad day to be reminded what I have waiting for me at home!
10.  A book bin for each child to store books for read to self in.


Karen Crabtree said...

You are a good teacher!!
Hope you have a great year!!

Debbie said...

I am sooooo proud of you!!!! You are a great teacher, I've seen you in action!!!! I use to think teaching was a fourty or less hour a week job, I now know different, It's as time consuming as owning your own business!!!! I look forward to Christmas Craft day this year, I know I let you down last year :( sorry.
Love You Bunches,

Ginger Snaps said...

I have an obsession with velcro dots!