Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Teacher Week: Open House

 I am really excited that Babbling Abby is hosting Teacher Week on her blog.  Because yesterday was my first day back with kids, I missed posting due to sheer exhaustion!  (Only a teacher could understand!)  So I'm posting a day late and hope to catch up on Today's theme too.   Yesterday's theme was an open house letting others know about you as a teacher.  This will probably boring for some so I won't be hurt if you choose not to stick around!

10 Things about Me as a Teacher

1.  This is my sixth year teaching.  Hard to believe but true.  I'm starting to feel like I know what I'm doing....but often that changes on a day to day basis.

2.  I have been at the same school all six years.  I really like my school.  I don't live super close so I don't see a lot of my kids out and about during "normal" life.  I feel like I have good relationships with parents.  And I love my colleagues.  I teach with some amazing people.  They are people that will be forever friends no matter where we end up.  

3.  After teaching one year I started taking evening classes and got my Master's Degree.   My masters degree is in Administration...I have NO DESIRE to work in administration!   I think about getting my EDS  a lot.  Who knows...maybe one day.  

4.  My school is over 50% low income.  There are always kids that break my heart.  I fall in love with them every year and try to shower them in a little extra love.  It always helps to try and look at them as God sees them.  Several I want to bring home with me!

5.  I am teaching second grade.  Out of my six years this is the first year that I'm getting to teach the same grade as the year before.   I have only taught Kindergarten and Second....I've went back and forth.   I love love Second Grade.  It's a great year.  

6.  A few summers ago I went back to school (for a week), took a test, and added a pre-k endorsement to my license.  I'm still not sure why.  I have no desire to go that low.  

7.  I LOVE my job.  I spend way too much time on it!  Sure last Thursday (the first official day back) I was sick to my stomach...and days I want to change professions...I'm always brought back to the realization that teaching is good.

8.   Being a teacher has changed the way that I will parent one day!

9.  I don't believe that learning best takes place sitting at a desk doing worksheets.  It has it's place but if I'm able to make it hands on, that's the route I take.   The kids absorb so much more. 

10.  I love reading to kids and teaching reading.  It's a magical time.  So rewarding!

That's it for now.  Hopefully I'll be back later to post my favorite things!

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Willie said...

Glad you love what you are doing. Hope you hava a great year. We love you. Jones's