Saturday, May 29, 2010

Moving Along

We have seen a ton of improvements on the house.  It is moving right along.  I smile to think that an end is in sight.    For the last month I had been carrying around a stack of paint samples that looked like this:

Our final Choices were:

The house finally has some color.  Our two spare rooms look something like this:

Still no flooring but hopefully soon. 

The next two pictures show the color that our master bedroom
is not

The first coat was a nice sage greenish color.  After one coat we decided we needed another gallon.  Lowes kind of let us down on the second gallon.  It wasn't mixed well and sage green turned to mint green.  Why did I roll the whole room before we caught the mistake?  You can see the paint differences in these pictures.  Luckily they fixed their mistake and gave us a gallon of nicely mixed paint.  So the third time was the charm.  I just forgot to take an after picture.

Last up are the happy yellow bathrooms, which I didn't get a good picture of.   Trust me...they are happy :)



Tori said...

Love the paint choices. I can imagine how exciting this all is.

Oh, BTW, I'm new, just found ya!!!

Karen Crabtree said...

Steph & Michael,
Love the colors!! It's hard to pick paint colors, but the great thing is you can paint over what doesn't work. Your home will be beautiful, because you two are in it.
Love you guys,