Sunday, March 1, 2015

March Goals

Here we are at March 1st.  Time for me to post my goals for the month.  But first lets recap February goals...

1. Read 4 books--Triple check.  I finished 11 of the 12 (the 12th is a year long devotional) that I was reading and I've started a new batch.  I am on a reading kick. 

2. Finish Quiet Book-- Hanging my head on this one...I didn't even touch it..

3.  Clean out and Paint Spare bedroom--It's cleaned out and Michael has started painting.  (I'm not allowed to paint because I STINK at it). 

4.  Bless 3 people--Check

5.  Finish off "mega cleaning and organizing list"--I honestly only lack like 2 or 3 things in my utility room.  So close. 

6.  Doctors Appointment--Check

7.  Blog 2 times a week (or 8 times for the month)--I blogged 7 times.  So close.

8.  Attempt Potty Training--We attempted!  We hit it head on.  For two solid days we lived on the potty.  I even posted this picture on Instragram.  

She did use the potty a couple of times but in the end she's not ready.  So we stopped.  We may attempt it this month during the days that the farmers almanac says to.  My mom claims it's the only way to go.  We'll see.  You'll notice it's not on my march list.  :)

Ok now for my March Goals.

1.  Decorate and Organize Kendall's new room.  Then move Kendall and Kate into the nursery.   

2.  Organize my recipes.  They are a big mess.  I have a notebook and box full and then tons of printed out recipes from online.  I'm tired of it being so disorganized!

3.  Bless 3 people.

4.  Move more and eat better.  

5.  Take girl's Easter Pictures.  I use to be so much better at taking pictures through the week.  I want to go ahead and purpose to get some decent shots of them this month.  Hopefully we'll have a couple of warm days.  

6.  Photo Shop Course. I purchased a cheap online course that has been setting in my inbox for weeks now.  This is the month.  

Here's to a productive month.  

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The Skinny on Staci said...

Potty training is nuts. Aubree was early (20 mo finished) and did good with it. Carley and Brylie took longer. Tucker potty trained himself at 21 months. He's the main one I was worried about! He seriously walked in and said, "I go pee pee." I didn't believe him. He begged. I let him try. He did! I didn't even have to do anything. LOVE! Lol Nighttime was a different story with him until like 4 years old, though! Does her diaper say I pee peed in my potty? Can't wait to see pics of the new rooms when all done. :)