Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bed Rest Essentials

In celebration of tomorrow being 10 weeks on rest...without having an extremely premature baby...here's my 10 top essential items for bedrest...

Because drinking while lying can be extremely wet business!

My favorite cups...only mine don't have Kendall's initials.

lots and lots of these....

The first time in my life nail polish lasts longer than a day...

Contact with the outside world!  Bed rest is very lonely.  I get pretty excited when my phone beeps with a text.

The highlight of my week is the Dr.'s office!


And last but not least, a ridiculously cute girl running around the house! 

Honestly, I'm so over it!  But trying to remain positive.  Unless baby comes sooner, only 14 more days until I can be completely off bed rest!

1 comment:

The Skinny on Staci said...

You have been a real trooper!!!! One day, it will only be a memory! ((hugs))