Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Life Lately

I've been a little MIA on here recently, so I thought I'd do a little blog post to catch up on this and that at the Jones' house.

Oh  my word!   Life as we knew it is over!  She is getting a little more mobile everyday.  I hate to call her main mode of transportation crawling.  We have hard wood floors.  So she mostly uses her hands to scoot her body and occasionally throws in a little foot work.  Super cute.  If she spots a computer cord in the floor, then she can really move!  (Maybe she'll have her dad's knak for electrical work).

                                  Loves her two fingers

She had her first fever.  And as first time parents, we ran to the Dr. office Friday.  Actually in our defense, we called and asked and they told us to bring her in.   Her white blood cells were elevated.  The doctor thinks she has a sinus infection and started her on an antibiotic. 

I've mentioned on her a couple of times about my back problems.  Seems like I'm finally getting over it.  It has been horrible.  For a week, I couldn't move without wanting to cry.  I've lived at the Chiropractor's office for the last four weeks, but it's paying off! Unfortunately, he can't "fix" me, but he's made it soooo much better.  Thankful my mom's been able to watch Kendall during my appointments.

Other than that I'm adjusting to being a stay at home mom, which I love my new position!  With my Back issue and a broken dryer, I've gotten behind on house work.  Seems like everywhere I look there is a pile.  Hopefully over the next two weeks I can get things back in order.  Pretty boring stuff to be blogging about :)

Poor guy, he's played a lot of nursing with his two sick gals!  I'm thankful he's so great with Kendall.  I wouldn't have made it without extra help.  Other than that he stays busy with all his projects.  

Reading back over this, I feel boring.  But I love my "boring" lil life.  I feel so blessed!

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The Skinny on Staci said...

I remember rushing to the dr with Aubree and Carley with just about all fevers over 100. Then I learned that 99% of the time they tell you it's viral and send you home. I got tired of that, so now we mostly just suffer at home. LOL Brylie is my sinus infection kid, but she's not done that in a long time thankfully! So glad to hear your back is getting better! I can't imagine trying to care for a baby and have a bad back. Wait, I can. At least I was just paralyzed, though, and couldn't feel the pain. LOL K-girl is so, so cute. It's wonderful to hear you have helpful family and such a great hubby. And I hate to burst your bubble, but babies just love to suck/chew/jerk on electrical cords. It's like some sort of creed they sign before being born, that they will touch all things dangerous. LOL