Friday, June 22, 2012

A Long---Over Due---Update

     I think I always do this....plan for big things on the ole blog but then get distracted.  Life the past 3 months has been busy.  Of course the end of the school year always makes me a little crazy.  This year I had to box up my classroom for the big move to the new school...yeah!   I've already had a day and a half of inservice, and a week of summer school.

     My favorite thing about summer break is Fridays.  I spend the whole day thinking it's Saturday.  And I get to keep reminding myself over and over again that it's only Friday.  I love that!  

     We had Easter Dinner at my house this year.  Mom, Wendell, Granny Ruppe, Papaw Ruppe, Papaw Tommy, and Punky all came.  I can't remember what Kiah was doing and Josh had to work (at least that's the story we got :)....

 I feel it necessary to clarify that I was running really short on time that morning!   Cooking is hard work...thus the lack of hair styling.  Punky also left before we started taking pictures.

   Father's Day a bunch of my family met @ Outback.  We spent a lot of quality time together.  The wait was almost 2 hours and that was just to get a table!

For the record, we spent time with both of our mothers on Mother's Day we just didn't take pictures.

Michael's big project the last few weeks has been building an utility building.  I wish I had took pictures of it at the start of the project.  I think it's pretty cool that he's able to build like that. (I'm buttering him up for a new bookcase for my new classroom).   He's had a little help here and there but has done the majority by himself. 

Michael's sister, Lisa, had her baby this past Monday.  It was a special birthday present for Michael.  I love it because he has the same birthday as Michael, Josh, and Renee, and it's also the day I was saved 20 years ago. 

 Titus John Thomasson
11 lbs 6 oz  23inches

So that's the main highlights for the past 3 months.     Hopefully now I can just remember to update before September.  : )


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Staci's Slimdown said...

Well, I'm not gonna hold my breath on the updating before September thing... but it's nice to see your blog is still active! :) I can't believe one of your highlights was not lunch with me. So offended! ROFL