Friday, August 26, 2011

In-law Love

   Michael's grandmother passed away this past weekend.  She was living in Florida so we made a quick trip down there for the services.  When I say quick...I mean quick.  We left early Tuesday morning and got home late Wednesday night.  I enjoyed getting to see his family again and meeting some new faces.
    She was buried at a national cemetery.  Which was really neat.  I would love to go back sometime and take pictures of the cemetery.  Here is a family pic in case anyone is interested.


Mrs. Willie I have a blank CD pulled out for your copies....they're coming.


Mandy's Memories said...

So sorry to hear about hear about Micheals grandma. Praying for your family!

Willie said...

Thanks Stephanie. The picture is great considering the people in the picture :)
Love you. Willie

Shay said...

Great pic!!!