Thursday, April 15, 2010

10 Ways to Spend the Looonnnnggggg Evening and Night While Your Husband is Bringing Home the Bacon

Every evening around 5:15 Michael and I have the same discussion. It goes something like this....

Me: Pleeeeasssseeee don't go. I need you to stay home with me tonight.
Michael: I have to go to work.
Me: But I hate when you're gone. Just stay home.
Michael: Do you want to eat?

O.K. His last line changes from night to night. Sometimes I get "sorry babe". Sometimes its a "I have to" Occasionally I get another answer pertaining to welfare or our desire to buy a house.

We're now in what I've named the third week blues. At his new job he works four weeks of days and four weeks of nights. The first two weeks of nights are no walk in a park but they are some what bearable. The fourth week is not a mouthful of cotton candy but you can swallow it thinking how you're nearing the home stretch. The third week is the killer! It's horrible. So in light of this being the horrible, no good, stinky, miserable, very bad third week I've had to come up with some mind nurturing entertainment.

In no particular order the events of my night :)

1. Finish reading A Lesson Before Dying. Not a favorite but it did put me in the mood to visit New Orleans.

2. Paint a masterpiece.

I really did like it at first. The wrong turn happened with the house and the handwriting. I'm a teacher without the teacher handwriting and I'm no
Sarah! The good news is two fold: The canvas came in a two pack (so I get another shot at this thing) and the smudge left by that thumb in the picture (in the wet paint) isn't that noticeable.

3. Watch Two redbox movies.

4. Spend some time in the book of Ruth with J. Vernon McGee (this was the most rewarding time spent.)

5. Avoid at all cost finishing cleaning out the back room!

6. Plan out some great genre writing lessons.

7. Read your newest copy of ALL YOU.

8. Think about what scripture you want displayed in your house. This is a biggie for me. The first scripture I remember memorizing was John 14: 1-5. My aunt Jane had a home interior piece that had it on it. I want lots of bible verses hanging around for my kids to read and hopefully memorize.

9. Share with your bloggy friends that you are under a contract for a house. Lord willing we'll close at the end of the month.

Technically our first picture at our new home....however Michael wasn't all about it and the sun was in my eyes!

Expect a lot more pictures really soon.

10. Debate with yourself if you can make sausage balls using Mozzarella cheese.


Brandi @ Frugal Farmhouse said...

congrats on the house!

Peggy said...

Been missin your posts, gal. Happy for you getting a new house! Appreciate you!

Karen Crabtree said...

Stephanie & Michael,
Congratulations on the house!! Sorry about the night shift !! That is really hard on both of you.
You are a sweet couple though!!
We love you,
Karen & family